Students of John Wright at Breadner Public School 1968 to 2000 

So ... if you've arrived at this page, it was perhaps because you were Goggling your name or the name of another student who was in one of my homeroom classes from 1968 to 2000 at Breadner Elementary School in Middleton Park, 8 Wing or CFB Trenton... or it was because you were directed here from my site on 'Facebook'. Either way, or neither, I hope you get some enjoyment from this site.

I have scanned all of my class pictures and the names of individuals, in those pictures, have been noted at the bottom of each picture. I may have made some errors. if so, please inform me of them and I will gladly make corrections.

As well, I have included a few staff photos and some sports pictures which just may bring back memories. Worse comes to worse, you can print them out and use them on a dart board.

I know what some of you have been doing with your lives but I would like to hear from others. Catch us up on your life. If you're agreeable, we'll post your comments on this page for others to see. I, of course, reserve the right to edit comments.

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So, let's begin ... with my grade 2 class picture taken in Camp Borden in 1952 at Barker Public School. Where am I? Back row, top left, last student on the outside. You'll recognize me because I'm the dorky looking blonde. I have no idea who the rest of the people are in the picture ... not even the teacher. I think it's Mrs. Brown or Miss Muir. My best guess is Miss Muir because I had a crush on her at the time and also on the cute little girl with the sunshine sweater (but that's another story). Sad to say, I didn't do my homework with this picture.

My grade 8 class picture 1959-1960. Alice Ingoldsby was my teacher and Charles Brown was the principal.

Back Row: David Tilley, ?, John Wright, Bruce Alexander, ?, ?, ?, ?,  ?, John Barrett, ?, Richard Beaudoin, Noyce

Middle Row: ?, ?, ?, Anne Atkinson, ?, ?, Nancy Black, Dianne Scroggins,  Cheryl  , ?, ?, 

Front Row: ?, ?, Danielle Daoust, Miss Ingoldsby, Maureen Coker, ?, ?,  Mr. Brown

Trenton High School Yearbook 1960-1961

My First Class (1968-1969)

It was 1968. I had just finished Teachers' College and so I was really green behind the ears and young too. So I ended up with a grade 4 class of 36 students because that would be a nice way to start off my career. It was a great class and a great year. I still remember David Binnie telling me his parents were getting a divorce; I still remember Chris Aikins telling the class that the way to tell whether a goldfish is a male or female, is to .... ask the sales lady!

Life was so simple then.

Back Row (left to right): Mark Bamford, Kevin Felker, Robert Wyse, Ricky Atkinson, Doug Crumback, David Binnie, Donald Boucher, Miceal Powell, Bob Preston, unknown student, Steven Lafontaine, Kevin Hyatt

Centre Row (left to right): Jerry Romanow, Joan Bradley, Christine Turmaine, Carol Lindberg, Karen Kilpatrick, Lisa Donaldson, Lorraine Meisner, Wendy Gallinger, Dawn Durrell, Joanne Poulain, Doug Aitken

Front Row (left to right): Arlene Gallant, Deborah Merriam, Gayle Harvey, Terry Lee Williams, Lori McKay, Kathy Turnbull, Beverly Myles, Tina Dolter, Linda Dubois, Debbie Cote

My Second Grade 4 Class (1969-1970)

Back Row (left to right): Keith Banner, Keith Watson, Gary Kettlehut, Ross White, Chris Eldridge, George Chambers, Terry McLaren, Tommy Coolen, Robert Boucher, David McMahon, Charles Smith, Joel Donnelly

Centre Row (left to right): Jeff Hollett, Alan Gagnon, Robert Herring, Terry Spratt, Gerald Leroux, Linda Snider, Kathy Davis, Kent Noel, Gary Murphy, West Henderson, Pat Morneau

Front Row (left to right): Deneene McCreadie, Heather Aitken, Susan Tokarchuk, Murdena Robinson, Patty Van Steinberg, Marlene Fillip, Sidney Williamson, Wendy Vandelaar, Cynthia Ireland, Jacqueline Searle

Missing from the picture: Morris Foulkes, Cairen Schleh, Gary Errett

My First Grade 7 Class (1970-1971)

Back Row (left to right): Doug Hyatt, Jeff Girdlestone, Paul Koeslag, Danny Harvey, Gary Maksymick, Bob Weinber, Jim Jimmo, Tim Neron, Mark Armstrong

Centre Row (left to right): Ken Harvey, Robert McLean, Paul Kendrick, Shelley Brown, Karen Atkinson, Lisa Doucette, Mike Sparrow, Chris Lee, Steve Crawford, Brian Fleming

Front Row (left to right): Carol Laurin, Cindy Morrison, Barb Smith, Barb Chambers, Kathy Harvie, Pamela Giles, Patty Fearon, Liz Schell, Barb Miller, Carol Andrews

Missing from the picture: Melvin Bayers, Kirk McCreadie, Diane Benton, Lise Hogan, Steve MacIntosh

My Second Grade 7 Class (1971-72)

Back Row (left to right): Darcy Scott, Denis Huard, Kevin Pelley, Danny Miller, Russ Dasilva, Mike Moran, David Freitag, Bill Brown, Rick Struss, Larry Arsenault

Centre Row (left to right): Guy Pharand, Bill Fullerton, Tommy Jillett, Josee Bertrand, Debbie Olsen, Cindy Worthington, Cathy Rumney, Sandra McTavish, Ed Gallant, Mario Stephani, Keith Ferguson

Front Row (left to right): Sheryl Bigney, Sandra Mactavish, Nicole Ally, Lori Johnson, Donna Laurin, Terry Lee Williams, Sandra Popkes, Jane Grey, Laurie Edwardson, Catherine Milne

Missing from the picture: Darlene Radbourne, Jim Cameron, Robert Wyse, Lori O'Neil

My First Grade 8 Class (1972-1973)

Back Row (left to right): David Figenshaw, Nicole Ally, Debbie White, Ken Robinson, Russ Dasilva, Robert Nowe, Sherry Countryman, Bev Myles

Centre Row (left to right): Gary Johnson, Debbie Saulnier, Mark Nieve, Debbie Vienneau, Debra Rickman, Larry Arsenault, Danny Parker, Bill Brown

Front Row (left to right): Scott Thompson, Kathy Davis, Donna Levett, Joanne Chafe, Josee Bertrand, Laurie Edwardson, Kevin Dillon, Len Cronin

Missing from the picture: Wendy Wilson, Wanda Penney

Grade 8 (1973-1974)

Back Row (left to right): Ross Hand, Sue Adair, Dorothy McClinchey, Bernice Harvey, Darlene White, Sue Whitehead, Kathy Bramwell, Steve Loftus

Centre Row (left to right): Brian Munden, Sean Clowater, Eddie Whynott, Jim Kartechner, Larry Veeder, Greg McGuire, John Haines, Garth Connors, Curt Fulton,

Front Row (left to right): Colleen McDonald, Cathy Stenson, Cathy Brown, Cairen Schleh, Deneene McCreadie, Sonia Ally, Laurie Kilby, Lucie Turgeon, Terry Monks

Missing from the picture: Eric Haddad

Grade 8 (1974-1975)

Back Row (left to right): Terry Fallis, Mark Turner, Kelly Pringle, Kevin Morley, Alan Nowe, Peter Kilpatrick, Pam Northwood, Frank Andrews

Centre Row (left to right): Patti Bigney, Eileen Monks, Janice Bonnett, Cheryl Connors, Georg Ann Gerow, Kathy Francis, Sherry Granger

Front Row (left to right): Barb Vogl, Tina Brazeau, Dawn Davies, Bill Loftus, Jamie Wigmore, Cindy Foster, Dawn Eagles

Missing from the picture: None

Grade 8 (1975-1976)

Back Row (left to right): Laura Smith, Chris Helmkay, Robert Galbraith, Carey Grant, Doug Robichaud, Bob Tucker, Mike Woodcock, Marc Chantigny

Centre Row (left to right): Valerie Hillier, Tamela Cranney, Jayne Bourdeau, Susan Godard, Denise Gaudet, Denise Hall, Wendy McPhee, Shelley Peters, Debra Clouthier

Front Row (left to right): Linda Sloan, Cathy Sneath, Jim Taylor, Linda Holmes, Glen Filazek, Robert Curtis, Rick Bitcon, Troy Gutjahr, Art Penney

Grade 8 (1976-1977)

Back Row (left to right): Don O'Connor, Ron Gouthro, Tim Ray, Gary Buffett, Glen West, Glen Canning, Terry Pickle, Tom Moffatt

Centre Row (left to right): Scott Martin, Jeff Maltby, Joyce Gentles, Donna Hillier, Cindy Dale, Judy Stark, Robert LeBlanc, Danny Moon

Front Row (left to right): Cheryl Fullerton, Shirley King, Sandra MacDonald, Janice Taylor, Toni-Lynn Nobbs, Donna MacDonald, Janice Sinclair, Lynda Crosby

Missing from the picture: Rick Hawes, Linda Chandler

Grade 8 (1977-1978)

Back Row (left to right): Mandy Lyons, Dennis Bell, Jeff Whittle, David Gourlie, Phil Aucoin, Ray Johnson, Stephen Anderson, Lisa Marchildon

Centre Row (left to right): Tim Gentles, Jay Ryan, Jody Fulton, Richard Bedard, David Livermore, Allen Melvin, Frank Moses, Tony Logan, Corey Livingston

Front Row (left to right): Nancy Kartechner, Sandra Whitford, Janice Moggy, Susan Eastman, Colleen Tighe, Sandra Baird, Carol McIsaac, Carol Gauthier, Teresa Xavier

Missing from the picture: Mike Capsticks

Grade 8 (1978-1979)

Back Row (left to right): Anne Springer, Danny Morin, Lise Ahaire, Paul McDonald, Doug Goodman, Darryl Keith, Gary Smith, Stepen Hope, Andy Hertel, Diane Davies, John Cole, Danny White

Centre Row (left to right): Catherine LeBlanc, Robert Graham, Joey Johnston, Shelley Woodard, Dawn McMartin, Rose Marie Cox, Mike Taylor, Stephen Wilson, Jim Bird, Paula Stevens,

Front Row (left to right): Cyndy Bonter, Zondra St. Denis, Judy Bitcon, Earl Criece, Terry Anne Tracey, Mike Cassidy, Angie McEwen, Paul Young, Lloyd Willett

Missing from the picture: Charlene Gorman, Joanne Warzin, Regina Brinston

Grade 8 (1979-1980)

Back Row (left to right): Marjolaine Hubert, Paul Ray, Suzanne Buffett, Bill Miller, Alan Brett, Chris Melvin, Tammy Richardson, Colin Dunn, April Story

Centre Row (left to right): Garry Cousins, Kim Walls, David Bailey, Alister Meinzinger, Paul McGuiness, Stephen Cheyne, Todd Steele, Buddy Smith, Steven Callaghan

Front Row (left to right): Dan Boyle, Lisa Cahill, Shawna Nelson, Angela Ryczko, Syl Gagnon, Heather Burnham, Daesha Towle, Louise Fessey, Ivan Allaire, Lianne Covin

Missing from the picture: None

Grade 8 (1980-1981)

Back Row (left to right): Caroline Thompson, Allen Hertel, Tammy House, Rick Weizer, Angie Hopkins, BJ Wilson, Sylvia Dempster

Centre Row (left to right): Jim Fawcett, Alex Fitzgerald, Tammy Kennedy, Kathy Myers, Tracey Wragg, Alan Williams, Tracey Knott, Suzanne Derocher

Front Row (left to right): John Davies, Brian May, Sue Clement, Sheila Amirault, Kevin Isnor, Peter Casey, Billy Fudge

Missing from the picture: None

Vice-Principal (1981-1982) My First Year Without a Class

Grade 7 (1982-1983)

Back Row (left to right): Sherri Macdonald, Glen Hardy, Gary McLean, Chris Hewlett, Mike Tapp, James Christie

Centre Row (left to right): Scott Day, Greg Beattie, Dave Bonter, Kirk Steele, Andy Jeffries, Dave White

Front Row (left to right): Cheryl Boyd, Chrissy Scurry, Chucky Sampson, Stephanie Moore, Cheryl Dujay, Brenda Merpaw

Missing from the picture: None

Grade 7 & 8 (1983-1984)

Back Row (left to right): Chucky Sampson, Shelley Meider, Gina Schnubb, Christina Wrightman, Connie Long, Tim O'Blenis, Michelle Kayes

Centre Row (left to right): Chrissy Scurry, Stephanie Moore, Ken Mackey, Glen Hardy, Doug Bosch, Danny Belliveau, Wes Kirkham

Front Row (left to right): Brian Stears, Kirk Steele, Dave Avery, Jeff O'Neil, Traci Outred, Dax Chambers

Missing from the picture: None

Grade 7 (1984-1985)

Back Row (left to right): Jason Goulden, Steven Howlett, Jason Hann, Mike Wallace, Shane Wilson, Steve Eden, Bob Etches, Norm Hubert, Gregg McGillivray

Centre Row (left to right): David Bosch, Andrew McLean, Penny McNeil, Kristina Macdonald, Lisa Redan, Tanya Neufeld, Treena O'Blenis, Jeff Sheculski

Front Row (left to right): Chantal Turcotte, Shann Kelly, Jennifer Fader, Casey MacFarlane, Leah Bacon, Kim Handy, Andrea Arbour, Anne Roberge, Debbie McCollum

Missing from the picture: Dennis Umpherville

Grade 7 (1985-1986)

Back Row (left to right): Tammy Etmanski, Shelley Snider, Trevor Etches, Scott LeBlanc, Jody MacDonald, Christine MacDonald, Denise Keeping

Centre Row (left to right): Tony Stojak, Heather Gillis, Billy Sutton, Stan Naylor, Genny Burke, Billy Sawdon

Front Row (left to right): Mike Heideman, Greg Mawson, Matthew Persin, Rick McPhee, Tracy Outingdyke, Malynda McEwen, Patty Kayes

Missing from the picture: None

Grade 7 (1986-1987)

Back Row (left to right): Shawna Gillcash, Rosie Doughty, Rob Keefe, Billy Sawdon, Billy Sutton, Ellen Byrne

Centre Row (left to right): Cindy Doughty, Kevin Dewling, Melanie Dudley, Scott Housken, Mike Mullis, Tracey Spencer, Lianne Breton

Front Row (left to right): Tony Yetter, Darren Ward, Andrew Blanchard, Bobby Patrick, Doug Johnston

Missing from the picture: None

Grade 4/5 (1987-1988)

Back Row (left to right): Kris Hamilton, Shelley Leighton, Chris Mawson, Mark Ward, Corey Wall, Lisa MacDonald, Stacey Zeegers

Centre Row (left to right): Nathalie Duquette, Jennifer Clinton, Dean Glenn, Matthieu Cormier, David Kayes, Lisa Patrick, James Boutilier, Mike Johnston

Front Row (left to right): Kevin Carter, Danielle Gauvin, Mark Ladouceur, Dave Dumont, Lindsay Staples, Morgan Chambers, Mike Laplante

Missing from the picture: None

Grade 8 (1988-1989)

Back Row (left to right): Stacey Ford, Billy Jasper, Steven Greensides, Ted LaPierre, Jody Maier, Christina Hill, James Barkley, Jennifer Duncan, Todd Carter

Centre Row (left to right): Don Arnott, Lisa Robitaille, Daniel Levesque, Scott Maindonald, Pat Doyle, Lori Clinton, Leanne Stec, Chris LaSalle, Trevor McKinnon, Randy Curley, Jason Rae

Front Row (left to right): Lorna Mullis, Mike Hubbard, Andrea Heans, Michelle Etmanski, Brandy Grant, Ron Sampson, Lori Gallant, Jason Martel, Keith Burke, Richie Etmanski

Missing from the picture: Shawna Gillcash

Grade 7 (1989-1990)

Back Row (left to right): Corey Wall, Stacey MacDonald, Mandy Clairoux, Chris Mawson, Sherry Grant

Centre Row (left to right): David Myles, Chris Mackenzie, Jodi Schnare, Stacy Zeegers, Dwayne Williams, Chris Boutilier

Front Row (left to right): Donald Boudreau, Becky Evans, Corey Cooper, Eugenia Wentzell, Mike Kearns, Chris Martin

Missing from the picture: Tracy MacLeod

Grade 7 (1990-1991)

Back Row (left to right): Kerri Stahl, Candice Carter, Shelly Crewe, Shanna Zelezen, Mardan Magill, Mike Bercier

Centre Row (left to right): Brenda Ogden (EA), Natasha Moore, Lisa Patrick, Chris Wozny, Crystal Secord, Paul Dymond, Jason McDonald

Front Row (left to right): Robbie Rooke, Penny Coolen, Jeff Kelly, Genevieve LeDuc, Mike Gouthro, Kathy Burke, Kurtis Foote

Missing from the picture: None

Grade 7 & 8 (1991-1992)

Back Row (left to right): Natasha Moore, Kara Huffman, Shanna Quigley, Brian Bingham, Chris Webb, Bill Dymond, Mike Bercier, Ivy Zeegers

Centre Row (left to right): Jeff Young, Wendy Keough, Genevieve LeDuc, Milena Gibson, Jenny Adkins, Trish Kovacic, Rob Rochester, Trudi Tarbett

Front Row (left to right): Shelley Read, Nadine Audet, Jamie Vallis, Jason Stahl, Jeff Burness, Tom Degenova, Jaime Fishleigh, Steven Uhyrn

Missing from the picture: None

Grade 8 (1992-1993)

Back Row (left to right): Mike McPhail, Cherie Stefanato, Rob Petryna, Jeff Thomas, Jason Bridgeo, Somer Driscoll

Centre Row (left to right): Chris Panasky, Dallas Duchesne, Cheryl Konowalchuk, Chris Walker, Chelsey Burness, Nadine Audet

Front Row (left to right): Melissa Lovett, Beverlea Howard, Jason Kelly, Lianna Zelezen, Kevin Kuzyk, Kim Hauck, Jamie Fishleigh

Missing from the picture: Tim Dymond

Grade 7 (1993-1994)

Back Row (left to right): Idalyn Day, Corey McGee, Kirk Hufffman, Lisa Wozny, Alaina Baker, Nick Crandall, Eric Anderson, James Dedieu, Jamie McLeod

Centre Row (left to right): Mike Wass, Pamela Rinfret, Robbie Ashwood, Eddie Graham, Becky Marazzo, Jennifer Lemaire, David Wright, Bryan Hilson, Shyanne Nelson

Front Row (left to right): Shaun Huffman, Cheryl Hill, Katie Gorman, Chris Simms, Shannon Rooke, Bradley Seymour, Liam McEvoy

Missing from the picture: Shawn Genereux, Erin Young, Jenica McGowan

Grade 7 (1994-1995)

Back Row (left to right): Mike Lawrence, Zara Lisk-Swain, Sonia Beauchamp, Kyle Corriveau, Bill Aubrey, Rebeckah Young, Matthew Bolduc, Karolann Clifton, Jonathan McLeese,

Centre Row (left to right): Matt Joice, Lisa Massicotte, Melissa Wheadon, Jenine Hunt, Terrance Chenard, Ian Burgoyne, Sheilagh Wilson, Chris Dedieu, Jeff McGee, Rachel Pichette

Front Row (left to right): Meghan Page, Ayrdrie Nelson, Terri Dickerson, Jennifer Wain, Kris Buller, Chris Johnson, Scott Currie, Sean Cleaton, Elisha Takamaa, Lynn Fox

Missing from the picture: Rodney Steed

Grade 7 (1995-1996)

Back Row (left to right): Jessica Wile, Philippe Dufault, Angela Stringovits, Trevor Jones, Christine Burrell, David Smith, Jason Goddings, Elizabeth Sawdon, Brian Key, Steve Turcotte, Kyle Hamilton

Centre Row (left to right): Marc-Andre Beauchamp, Dana Vallis, Sharilyn Anderson, Ian Donohue, Kyla McGowan, Elizabeth Lafond, Cristen Young, Crystal Hinchey, Chris Morine, Jacey Ross, Andrew Carignan, Ryan Silk

Front Row (left to right): Roxanne Antille, Matt Potter, Brianna Smith, Adam Hannaford, Jennifer Bailey, Shirley Keir, Courtney Glover, Mike Gallant, Curtis Snider, Cassandra Sherman, Marcel McDonald

Missing from the picture: Andy Weins, Jessica Fry


My Last Class Before Retirement - Grade 7 (1999-2000)

Back Row (left to right): Katey Ward, Andrea Nerpin, Amanda Hamilton, Heather Lehman, Brittney Laurin, Ashley Nerpin, Tina Randall, Amie Nerpin

Centre Row (left to right): Lee Perelli, Matt Musseau, Natasha Thompson, Amanda Graham, Kieran Bradshaw, Trevor Hilson, Andrew Ford, Tyler Cassidy

Front Row (left to right): Jamie Moore, Nathan Sprowl, Tyler Clark, Phillip , Zack Mathews, Chad Reeves, Anthony Coe, Sonya Lemay

Missing from the picture: Joe Smit


Staff Pictures 1968-2000

Breadner Staff 1968

Back Row (left to right): Wayne Waite, Ian Finnigan*, John Wright, Gertrude Crews*, Marguerite Monds, Kay Rankin*, Sadie Fraser*, Gladys Carswell*, Thelma Sager*, Carl Oakes*, Doc Birbeck*, John Allin

Front Row (left to right): Anne McHenry, Marie Dolan*, Donna O'Neil, unknown, Pru McIntosh, Ben Coker*, Boyd Moorcroft, Mrs. Graham, Dorothy Ellis, Linda Holland, Mme Helie, Kay Campsall*, Doris Cowling*


Breadner Staff 1969

Back Row (left to right): Marie Hackett*, Madeline Walsh*, Kay Rankin*, Sadie Fraser*, John Macarthur*, Doc Birbeck*, Carl Oakes*, John Wright, John Allin, Dave Craig, Wayne Waite, Thelma Sager*, Donna O'Neil, Doris Cowling*

Front Row (left to right): Pru McIntosh*, Ann Hughes*, Owen Thomas*, Marcey Ramey*, Mme Helie, Ben Coker*, Boyd Moorcroft, Marguerite Monds*, Judy Schurman, Sarah Wiggins, Denise Craib, Delina Lemay


Breadner Staff 1979

Back Row (left to right): Marcy Ramey*, John Macarthur, Dave Craig, Carl Oakes*, John Wright, John Allin, Boyd Moorcroft, Wayne Waite, Kay Rankin*, Sheila Smythe*

Front Row (left to right): Lorna Edwards*, Pru McIntosh, Maria Reilly, Margurite Monds*, Doris Wiley*, Marie Hackett*, Isabel Good*,Ann Hughes*

* deceased

Breadner Staff 1981

Back Row (left to right): Unknown, Dave Craig, Carl Oakes*, John Wright, Mike Doucette, John Allin, Boyd Moorcroft, Anne Wringe

Front Row (left to right): Ann Hughes*, Maria Reilly, Marcy Ramey*, Diane Carr, Marie Hackett*, Lorna Edwards*, Isabel Good*

* deceased

Full Breadner Staff 40th Anniversary Picture 1991

Back Row (left to right): Christine Pageau, Lillian Wright, Brian Burke, Marie-Josee Roque, Fraser Rose, Owen Thomas, Wayne Brooks, John Wright, Mike Doucette, John Allin, Graetin Pellerin, Helen Nadeau, Jack Dixon, Unknown, Suzanne Lacroix

Centre Row (left to right): Marie-Paule Bastien, Marie Laberge, Norma Bayliss, Dave Craig, Shirley Langman, Jeanne Mance-, Marcy Ramey, Margaret Tocher, Bev Ferguson, Henrietta Beattie, Serge Halle, Diane Carr, Donna Kenny, ?, Linda Rideout, Lorraine ?

Front Row (left to right): Diane Grandmaison, Helene Fortin, Anne Wring, Unknown, Nancy Larkin, Brenda Ogden, Carmen Morin, Maureen Graham, Unknown, Carolyn Chard, Anne Marie Gipp, Marg Young, Unknown, Unknown, Denise Adams, Unknown

Other Breadner Class Pictures submitted by former students

1957-1958 Breadner Public School


1959-1960 Grade 8 Class Photo Boyd Moorcroft

1971 Doc Birbeck

Doc Birbeck Grade 8 class circa 1970s

1971-1972  Dave Craig's Grade 7 Class

1970 John Allin's Grade 6 Class

1972 Anne hughes

Anne Hughes grade 7 class circa 1970s

1973 Grade 4

1974 Doris Cowling

Doris Cowling grade 5 class 1973-1974

Grade 6 Kay Ratcliffe

Kay Ratcliffe grade 6 class circa 1970s.

1974 Grade 7 Ben Coker

Ben Coker grade 7 class circa 1980s

1975 Grade 6

Grade 6 class 1974-1975

1976 Grade 7 Dave Craig

Dave Craig grade 7 class circa 1970s

1977 Grade 8 Carl Oakes

Carl Oakes grade 8 class 1976-1977

1983 Grade 5 Marie Hackett

Marie Hackett grade 5 class 1982-1983

1984 Grade 4 Dianne Carr

Dianne Carr grade 4 class 1980s

1984 Grade 6 Mike Doucette

Mike Doucette grade 6 class 1983-1984

1986 Grade 8 John Macarthur

John Macarthur grade 8 class 1985-1986

1987 Grade 7 Dave Craig

Dave Craig's grade 8 class 1987-1988

1991 Grade 8 Wayne Brooks

Wayne Brooks grade 8 class circa late 80s

Tom Sargant's grade 8 class circa 1960s

Doc Birbeck grade 8 class  1972

Anne Hughes grade 7 class circa 1971

Dolina Lemay's grade 4 class 1972-1973

Doris Cowling grade 5 class 1973-1974

Kay Ratcliffe grade 6 class circa 1970s

Ben Coker's grade 7 class 1973

Grade 6 class 1974-1975

Dave Craig's grade 7 class 1976

Jamie Keerley with Wayne Waite Grade 7 Class 1975-1976. I suspect that Jamie Keerley was the supply teacher in this picture.

Carl Oakes grade 8 class 1976-1977

Marie Hackett's grade 5 class 1982-1983

Dianne Carr's grade 4 class 1984

Mike Doucette's grade 6 class 1984

John Allin's grade 7 class 1984-1985

John Macarthur's grade 8 class 1985-1986

Dave Craig's grade seven class 1987

Wayne Brook's grade 8 class 1991

1970 Breadner Primary Staff

1970 Grade 2 Cklass Breadner Primary School Lillian Wright

1971 Grade 2 Class Picture Breadner Primary School Lillian Wright

1972-1973 Breadner Primary School Staff Picture

1976-1977 Breadner Senior Staff

1983-1984 Class Picture Breadner Public School Lillian Wright

1983-1984 Staff Picture Breadner Public School

1984-1985 Grade 4 Breadner Public School Lillian Wright

1984-1984 Breadner Staff Photo

1986-1987 Breadner Public School Grade 3 Lillian Wright Bev Ferguson

1987-1988 Breadner Public School Grade 7 Lillian Wright

1988-1989 Breadner Public School Grade 8 Lillian Wright

1988-1989 Breadner Public School Staff Photo

1991-1992 Breadner Public School Staff Photo

1991-1992 Breadner Public School Grade 8 Lillian Wright

1992-1993 Breadner Public School Staff Photo

1994-1995 Breadner Public School Staff Picture

1995-1996 Breadner Public School Grade 3 Class Picture Lillian Wright

1995 Graduating Grade 8 Photo

1996-1997 Breadner Public School Staff Picture

1996-1997 Breadner Public School Grade 3-4 Class Photo Lillian Wright

1951-1991 40th Anniversary Combined Staffs Breadner Senior and Breadner Primary and Breadner Francophone

Breadner Sports Teams Circa 1970s

Photo Submissions From Tammy Nicol

1968-1969 Kindergarten Braedner Primary School Unknown Teacher

1970-1971 Breadner Primary School Donna Woodcock

1971-1972 Breadner Primary School Miss Keegan

1974-1975 Breadner Public School Judy Schurman

1975-1976 Breadner Public School John Allin

1976-1977 Breadner Public School Doc Birbeck

1993-1994 Breadner Yearbook Scans

1994 Grade 8 Grads