Cheeses or Common Mallow - Malva neglecta

Belonging to the Mallow family, this voracious wild flower was name by the early settlers because its fruit is quite similar in looks to a rounded cheese. Flowers are white to pink to blue and hide neatly under a canopy of wide leaves. Cheeses are a tenacious plant, which if given the chance, will completely dominate flower beds or lawns. It is most often considered a nuisance plant by gardeners and farmers alike. It is an annual to short-lived perennial with prostrate to semi-erect stems, 10 to 60 cm long. The long-stalked rounded leaves have a heart-shaped base and 5 to 7 broad shallow-toothed lobes while the white to pale lilac flowers produce seeds in round, flat button-like disk of 12 to 15 smooth nutlets.


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