Cinquefoil - Potentilla recta

This long-lived tap-rooted perennial belongs to the rose family with hairy stems growing up to a half metre tall. The leaves are divided into 5 to 7 hairy leaflets and the pale yellow sulfur coloured flowers have 5 heart-shaped petals around a bright yellow centre. The flower derived its name from early French settlers who referred to its flower structure as having 5 (cinq) leaves (foil). Hence the name Cinquefoil. This wild flower is native to Ontario and can produce over 1600 seeds per plant.

Common Cinquefoil - Potentilla simplex

Common Cinqfoil's petals are more glossy than those of Rough Fruited or Sulphur Cinqfoil.
Resides in the same environment as Sulphur Cinqfoil, fields and dry woods.

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