European Frog-bit - Hyrocharis morus-ranae

European Frog-bit

European Frog-bit is an invasive aquatic plant native to Europe. In 1932, the plant was brought to Canada by the Central Experimental Farm in Ottawa for possible commercial use as an ornamental plant. Since that time, it has spread invasively to other waterways in Ontario.

European frog-bit grows rapidly and forms dense, floating mats. It can be found in slow-moving waters such as sheltered inlets, ponds, slow-running rivers and ditches. Large areas of frog-bit that die in the fall and decompose may lead to reduced oxygen levels in the water that can affect aquatic life. New plants can grow from stem fragments, seeds and winter buds known as turions that can be spread to new waters by boats and wildlife.


Outside its native range, European frog-bit is found in the Rideau and Ottawa river systems, the St. Lawrence River, Lake Ontario, Lake Erie, the Kawartha Lakes, and other lakes and rivers in south central and south western Ontario. 

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