Mustard Family - Cruciferae

The Mustard family is noteworthy and easily recognized by ascending seedpods and 4 small petals, either yellow, green, purple or white. Notable members of this family are Dame's Rocket, all of the Cresses, the Mustards, Toothworts and the Cuckoo Flower. Representative pictures of each of these groups are found below.

Black Mustard - Brassica nigra


Garlic Mustard - Alliaria officinalis


Hedge Mustard - Sisymbrium officinale


Tumble Mustard - Sisymbrium altissimum


Winter Cress - Barbarea vulgaris


Dame's Rocket - Hesperis matronalis


Cut-Leaved Toothwort - Dentaria laciniata


Cuckoo Flower - Cardamine pratensis


Watercress - Nasturtium officinale


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