Prairie Smoke - Erythrocoma triflora

Sometimes called 'Old-Man's-Whiskers'.

Consists of several pink or reddish-pink, bell-shaped flowers, sometimes yellowish, hanging from long, reddish, branched stalks above thick clumps of mostly basal leaves. Flowers are about 1/2" (1.3 cm) long; the calyx has 5 very narrow bracts between the 5 pointed main lobes; 5 tiny petals.
Leaves are 1 1/4-6" (3.1-15 cm) long, pinnately compound, jagged toothed blades.
Fruit is seed-like, bearing reddish plumes to 2" (5 cm) long with many in a head.
Height is up to 16" (40 cm).

Prairie Smoke flowers from April-August depending on latitude.

Its habitat is sagebrush plains to mountain ridges and meadows.

Photo Credit Nola Sager

Photo Credit Nola Sager


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