Rose Twisted-Stalk - Streptopus roseus

Text and Pictures by Karen Major

The  Rose Twisted-Stalk grows less that 30 cm in height and the stems are usually forked.  The leaves are lance-shaped to oval and stalkless with a pointed tip and grow 5 - 9 cm long and  2 - 3.5 cm wide.  The flowers are rose-coloured to white, bell-shaped and about 1 cm long. They hang under the leaves.  They flower from May to June depending on climate zone.  The fruits are red berries about a cm in diameter and contain numerous seeds. Berries are rounded to oblong.  The  Rose Twisted-Stalk likes to grow in dry sandy or clay-based upland sites and only occasionally in wet organic sites.  They will also grow in moist stand types except stands of dry pine and black spruce-pine which produce a somewhat acidic soil.

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